Mount Edith Cavell or “La Montagen de la Grande Traversée”


Named for an English nurse executed by the Germans during World War I for having helped Allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands, in violation of German military law. 

It is the tallest peak that sits totally in Alberta - The tallest peak that straddles the border is Mount Columbia.

Viewed from the South here: roughly based on a photo taken by Jonathan DeMoor

First Ascent: 1961 North Face, IV 5.7, First ascent by Yvon Chouinard, Fred Beckey and Dan Doody. July 20–21

Other Notable: First Solo ascent: Royal Robbins 

It is believed that the world's largest glacial erratic, called Big Rock, located near Okotoks, Alberta, was once part of Mount Edith Cavell. The erratic was formed approximately ten thousand years ago when a large portion of quartzite stone was stripped away from the mountain along with the receding Athabasca River Valley glacier.

Most popular climb: North Face - Which is where we get the brand “North Face” from.


Acrylic on wood: 28" x "48