Bugaboo Spire


Perhaps the most impressive peak in the Bugaboos, Bugaboo Spire sits between the Vowell and Crescent glaciers, just under 2 km West of the ACC's Conrad Kain hut. It has some of the most spectacular alpine climbing in Canada. (wikipedia)

First Ascent: The Spire was first climbed by Conrad Kain in 1916.

I painted The Spire from a beautiful photo Steph Abegg took in 2015. The mountain has had a notable ascent this last year as well because it was the mountain selected by the team from “Hobnails and Hemp Rope”, a documentary film crew that recreated the FA by Conrad Kain by wearing only gear that the first ascenders would have had back in 1916. If you’re interested in climbing Bugaboo Spire, this film is a fun primer.

Most popular climb: Conrad Kain Route: 5.6

I still haven’t climbed it :(


Acrylic on wood: 36" x 48"