Mount Fisher, “Fisher Peak”


Here I’ve painted a romanticized Fisher Peak, creating much of what is seen, as I didn’t have any really clear photo reference. 

First Ascent: 1913 A Nichols, G Lum

With almost 1000 feet of prominence above all that surrounds it, Mount Fisher is one of those peaks which beckons people to its summit upon first seeing it. Despite its official name, it is almost exclusively referred to as Fisher Peak by the people of the area, including in much of the literature put out about it. One might think that this could create confusion with nearby Fisher Peak in the Kananaskis area and Fisher Peak in the Blaeberry River Valley of British Columbia. However, if you are in the area of Cranbrook, British Columbia and you hear the name Fisher Peak, you must only look to the skyline to the east to have no doubt what it is people are talking about. (

This mountain is a classic hike in the region, as it's not very technical getting to the top. I had the pleasure of doing it once last summer :)

Price: $2500